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Business Mobile Banking

This summary video explains how your business could benefit from Mansfield Bank Business Mobile Banking.  Available for free to our Business Online Banking customers, just download it from the app store.  For further information, simply contact a Branch Manager or Business Development Officer!


Business Mobile Deposit

Use the camera on your device to capture and send check images for deposit, anytime, anywhere.  Not all banks offer this convenience!

Bill Pay

Make payments and get email notifications when bills are paid and due. No checks to write, no costly stamps, just a more convenient way to take care of your bills.

Card Valet

An app that lets you control your debit card. Turn it on or off, set dollar limits, location limits and more.

Wire Transfer/ACH

No need to wait for the mail to arrive when customers pay by check or if you do not accept credit cards.

Manage Accounts

Press buttons, take actions. View accounts, transfer money, deposit checks, make payments and approve transactions. Also, within settings, you can activate ‘push alerts’ to send notifications to your home screen every time an item is awaiting your review.


Scammers Seek W2s


Your online security is of utmost importance to us.  This section of the site is dedicated to TIPS and ALERTS.  Check back often.

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A Core Systems


Coming this Spring! Good Banking is about to get BETTER.


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