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The Mansfield Bank Charitable Foundation


Giving Guidelines

Adopted and formed in July of 2006, the Mansfield Bank Charitable Foundation contributes to causes within Mansfield Bank communities. Through the Mansfield Bank Charitable Foundation, Mansfield Bank offers a source of support to non-profit organizations that people depend on for education, health and human services, affordable housing, community development, cultural affairs, and the arts. The primary focus of the Mansfield Bank Charitable Foundation is to support the well being of families, youth, and elders living in our communities.

Eligibility for Funding

Only 501c3, tax-exempt organizations are eligible for funding. Our giving priorities exclude grant funding for individuals, political, sectarian, and religious purposes, as well as pageants, trips and tours, and capital campaigns. The organization must be fiscally sound and demonstrate strong administrative management.

Funding and Administration

The Foundation is funded annually through direct contributions from the Bank. The Foundation's fiscal year is the calendar year.

How to Apply

To assess the scope of the organizations' work in the community, a complete proposal including the following financial information should be submitted to the Foundation:

  • A copy of the organization's IRS 501(C)(3) Tax Determination Letter and Tax Identification Number
  • A cover letter identifying the objective of the organization and proposed request
  • A copy of the organization's budget and budget for the specific project, if applicable
  • A list of donors that provide support to the organization or plan to support the specific project
  • A list, and professional identification of, the organization's Board of Directors
  • Information regarding any prior funding from Mansfield Bank, including the amount, purpose, and year of grant
  • Information regarding any banking relationship with Mansfield Bank
  • Request forms are only available online. Simply access by clicking here.

Complete Proposals Should Be Forwarded To:

Mansfield Bank Charitable Foundation
c/o Kirsten Budwey
80 North Main Street
Mansfield, MA 02048

Feel free to send any supporting documentation or additional collateral material.  For further information or assistance, contact Kirsten Budwey at 508-851-3634 or email at KBudwey@MansfieldBank.Bank.

Responsibilities of Recipient Organization or Program

The recipient organization or program is required to acknowledge its obligation to use the funds only for the purpose for which that they are granted, to file a written report, including an accounting of how the funds were used on an annual or "as requested" basis annually, by the Foundation's Board of Directors, and to acknowledge the Foundation's authority to withhold and/or recover any funds that are, or appear to be misused. A final report and accounting shall also be submitted by the organization or program upon conclusion of fund usage.

Public Acknowledgement

Mansfield Bank publicizes and shares much of the work it does in the community, including programs supported by the Charitable Foundation, on its Facebook page.

Grant Making Calendar

Mansfield Bank Charitable Foundation will accept applications according to the following schedule. Applications must be postmarked by the indicated due dates:

Date Range

Application Due Date:

Organization Notified by:

January - March

March 31

April 30

April - June

June 30

July 31

July - September

September 30

October 31

October - December

December 31

January 31


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