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Coronavirus Information

If the information below does not answer all of your questions, please call 508-851-3600. Our customer service team can speak with you from 8:30am to 4pm, Monday-Wednesday, from 8:30am-6pm on Thursday & Friday, and from 8:30am to noon on Saturday.


Beginning November 27, our lobbies will be closed.

Bluestone Bank is dedicated to protecting the well-being of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve. As the public health concern surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) increases, we are putting some measures in place to keep everyone safe.

Effective Friday, November 27th, all Bluestone Bank - Mansfield Division branch locations will offer banking services through drive-up only. Drive-up hours will remain as follows:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30am – 12:00pm

In the event that your banking needs cannot be handled through our drive-ups, we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment. Simply call 508.851.3600 or email during banking hours and we will be happy to accommodate you.

We encourage you to take advantage of our digital banking channels! Many of today’s banking services can be conducted remotely, giving you access to your accounts anytime – anywhere! Please check our website regularly for updates, and contact us if you have additional questions or concerns. We appreciate you choosing Bluestone Bank as your banking partner.

Beginning Monday, July 13, our lobbies will be open. 

Generally, it will be ‘business-as-usual.’

But please familiarize yourself with how this phase of reopening may affect you.

  • We have always cared about more than your transactions --- we care about you! Though we will still take the time to converse with customers, we will do so as quickly and efficiently as possible, for the health and safety of all concerned.
  • If you go to a teller line and all safe-distancing spaces are taken, we invite you to return to your vehicle and use our drive-up window.
  • If you need customer service and all Specialists are busy, we will take your name and number and ask you to wait in your vehicle until we can welcome you into the building.
  • If you prefer to schedule an appointment, you are welcome to call our main number during regular business hours (508-851-3600) and indicate which branch you would like to visit and why. Outside of regular business hours, email Info@MansfieldBank.Bank, and someone will reach out to you to set up an appointment the next business day.
  • Customers are required to wear masks unless they are medically unable to do so. Masks and gloves will be provided upon request at any of our four locations.
  • Our hours of operation continue to be slightly different than those before the pandemic hours.
  • As a reminder of what else is different, you will see germ-guards and special signs, and you won’t see a coffee station or sitting area. Our people are the same, however. They are the same knowledgeable and friendly professionals you have always trusted with your financial needs.

Please contact us at 508-851-3600 if you have additional questions or concerns.


Beginning 6/22/20: our lobbies are open for appointments

In addition to customer service at our drive-ups and ATMs, Mansfield Bank branch lobbies will be open for Retail Banking appointments beginning Monday, June 22nd. Appointment hours are available Monday through Friday, 9am - 3pm and Saturday morning from 9am - 11am.

  • All teller transactions will continue to be serviced at our drive-ups. Appointments are for existing and new customers to facilitate transactions such as account openings, account changes, signature guarantees, notary services and safe deposit box entries.
  • To set an appointment, simply call our main number during regular business hours -- 508-851-3600 -- and indicate which branch you would like to visit and why.
  • A Customer Specialist from that branch will then call you to speak about health and safety protocols, and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Outside of regular business hours, email Info@MansfieldBank.Bank, and someone will reach out to you to set up an appointment the next business day.
  • We are also available to address your lending and wealth management needs, though appointment times for those may vary. Call the main number for lending and call 508-851-3639 for wealth management.

Some things will be different in the branches. You will see germ-guards and signage, and you won’t see a coffee station or sitting area. Our people are the same, however. They are the same knowledgeable and friendly professionals you have always trusted with your financial needs.

We want to help you (updated July 1st) 

If you are experiencing financial hardships due to the Coronavirus epidemic, please contact us to discuss how we may help you. Call us at 508-851-3600 or complete and submit the ‘Contact Us’ form on this website.

Assistance for Businesses

For Commercial loan customers in need of assistance, please contact your Loan Officer for any and all questions. The following resources are also available to all businesses.

Unemployment benefits & other direct deposits - be careful!

An unemployment scheme that we are now seeing involves scammers recruiting people to receive direct deposits and then forward the bulk of the illicit funds to the perpetrators. 

As a reminder, unemployment benefits or any other direct deposits should not be set up to credit an account if the individual's name is not on the account.

  • Be wary of advertisements or emails with spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Never trust unusual requests or job offers. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.
  • Don’t open a new bank account to receive money for people you don’t know.

The ABCs of Federal 'stimulus' payments

  1. The official name of a ‘stimulus check’ is an Economic Impact Payment (EIP), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the official source to learn more.
  2. For non-filers of taxes, the IRS has recently published this website information. We recommend non-filers visit this page for instructions on getting their payment.
  3. also has an Economic Impact Payment Information Center, which enables tax filers to check their payment status and confirm their payment type.

When would I receive funds?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of the Federal Government points out that if the money cannot be sent electronically but must be mailed to you, “it might take a little longer" to receive payment. Other, non-official sources have recently reported it may take months to complete the mailing of all paper checks.  So if you are not among the 80 million adults who are already receiving payment this week, it can be generally said that the funds will come to you sooner if you arrange for electronic deposit.

To do that, visit the IRS links above, select Get MY Payment and provide your account number and routing number so that you can receive a payment directly to your bank account. Mansfield Bank’s routing number is #211371913.

  • If you have problems with the IRS' Get MY Payment app, visit this page of the IRS site. 

If circumstances are such that payment comes to you as a paper check in your mailbox, you may still deposit it at our drive-up windows/ATMs or, more conveniently, by snapping a photo and submitting your check using the Mobile Deposit tool inside our Digital Banking platform.

Be careful

Unfortunately, criminals will see the EIP process as an opportunity to commit crimes. The American Bankers Association has provided this list of the top 5 scams to watch out for at this time. Additionally, the FDIC has just warned that criminals are sending emails and other communications claiming to be from the FDIC or another federal agency, and offering COVID-19 related grants or payments in exchange for personal financial information. Also, the IRS will never send you an email, text, or call you asking for your personal information.   

Starting April 6th: new drive-up hours to serve you

For the safety of our customers and employees due to the Coronavirus epidemic, all locations are offering banking services through our drive-ups only.

  • Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4pm
  • Saturday, 8:30am to 12:00pm

Most routine transactions can be performed in our drive-ups.  You may also access your accounts with Telephone Banking by calling 855-757-8311.  

For extra convenience, our Digital Banking platform allows you to manage your accounts 24/7 , including viewing your balances, making transfers, paying bills, depositing checks and even sending money to another person, whether or not they have an account with Mansfield Bank.

Contact us with urgent questions or issues related to the lobby closures. 

From previous updates

Beware of Scammers

Unfortunately, in times of uncertainty, scammers often take advantage of the fears surrounding a particular situation. Click here to view the Federal Trade Commission's site with Coronavirus related scam information. 

Additional measures we have taken

  • Hand sanitizer is available for customers and employees in all locations.
  • Our cleaning companies have been asked to be extra vigilant in disinfecting common areas.
  • We will continue to monitor our employees and take appropriate action to reduce exposure to other colleagues and customers. We have revised employee guidelines to ensure anyone exhibiting flu like symptoms has the ability to remain home.
  • Continued monitoring of the Coronavirus status to ensure we are prepared to meet the banking and safety needs of our customers.

Helpful Resources

As the situation evolves, these sites can be a resource for you to obtain the latest information:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) 

We will post updates on this website page as we receive them to keep you informed of the situation. We appreciate you choosing Mansfield Bank as your banking partner. 

Please contact us at 508-851-3600 during normal business hours if you have additional questions or concerns.


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