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Online Banking Upgrade

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What's new

  • Login Screen: Users can now access Online Banking by entering Username and Password on the same screen.
  • Initial Login: The first time login will require the User to answer Security Challenge Questions or to request a One Time Passcode (new feature).
  • Updated Browser Navigation Permissions
    • When a User registers their device upon sign-in by selecting the Don’t challenge me again on this device check box, Online Banking permits the use of browser navigation such as the Back button. If a user opts not to register their device and then clicks a browser navigation button, security measures within Online Banking ends the user’s session and sign the user out.
  • Users will be prompted for an Email Address during the Sign-in Process
    • If no email address is on file for a user, the end of the sign-in process prompts the user to provide their email address. Requiring an email address helps ensure that users can gain access to Online Banking in the event of a forgotten password.
  • Bookmarks and Favorites: If you have bookmarked or saved the Online Banking URL, these links are no longer valid. You will have to Bookmark or save the new URL to your favorites.
  • Input masking for Personal Information
    • When accessing the system in public areas, users can opt to hide their personal information for Username and Challenge Question Answers.
  • Redesigned navigation areas improve usability and consistency as well as restructures the contents of the navigation areas to provide easy, consistent, and understandable access to system functionality.
  • eStatement Access: eStatements are now located under a DOCUMENTS tab, found on the Account Information page.
  • Redesigned Home page focuses attention on the actions that users most often perform.
    • Users now have a Recent link to access the last 10 transactions on that account.
  • Users can now customize the list of accounts that appear on the Home Page
    • Users can specify: Nicknames for accounts, which accounts they would like to show/hide, the order in which visible accounts appear.
    • Users can click Show all accounts or Show Fewer accounts.
  • Redesigned Account Detail
    • The account information page prioritizes account activity over the actions that users can perform, enabling users to access their account information in 1 location.
  • Redesigned Transaction List
    • Icons clearly identify transactions based on posting status:
      • Scheduled – Pending - Posted
    • Users can sort transactions by Date, Description or Amount
  • Easier Access to Transaction Search
    • Users can now access streamlined transaction functionality directly from the Account Information page, providing quick and easy access to search functionality in the context that is most useful to the user. Example: By Date and Transaction Amount.
  • Transaction Printing-easily print transactions that appear on the Account Detail page without any extraneous information or formatting.
  • Simplified and Improved Transfer feature
    • Simplifies the user interface, combines express and scheduled transfers and added functionality.
    • New Scheduling options include: Weekly, Every two weeks, Monthly, Every Two Months, Quarterly, Every six months and Annually.
    • Transfer page displays all scheduled transfers associated with any From Account to which the user has accessed.
  • Bill payment updates
    • Pay bills section is now to the right of the Home page and into the primary navigation area. On the Home page, users can view payment information; by clicking the Pay Bills link in the primary navigation area, users can access full solution functionality.
  • Bill Pay requires that Cookies not be blocked. Users must allow cookies to access the Bill Pay tab. This is applicable to desktop as well as mobile devices for access to Bill Pay.
  • Rewritten Help –Online Banking Help prominently features procedure-based topics.
  • Browsers qualified for Online Banking:
    • Internet Explorer, version 11
    • MS Edge
    • Chrome (current version)
    • Firefox (current version)
    • Safari, version 7.0+
    • Safari for iOS, version 7+

At Mansfield Bank, we value our customers and are committed to making your banking experience positive. Please feel free to contact any of our branches at 508-851-3600 for assistance.


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