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After the Upgrade

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Updated FAQs, short & sweet

Q. Why the upgrade?

A. To better serve you. You will get an enhanced user experience across all channels, including more personalized banking in the near future! 

Q. When did it happen?

A. Thursday, April 4 to Monday, April 8. The adjustment continues, so your patience is appreciated. You may have seen the "Please Bear with Us" signs in the lobby, and the accompanying gummy bear treats. We don't like inconveniencing you and we appreciate your understanding.

Q. So, Online & Mobile Banking are now one platform, called Digital Banking. What's new?

A. Increased integration, plus a single, unified 'look and feel.'  Digital Banking is now one application for both your Personal and Business accounts. For a taste of the new features, check out some of what Personal Digital users either have now or will soon enjoy!

  • Personal Financial Management: Budgeting and spending tools, an expense tracker and more.
  • Person to Person Payment (P2P): Send money to your friends and family with great speed and convenience.
  • Mobile Deposit Enhancement: Capture up to 10 check images in one deposit.
  • Account to Account (A2A): Set up and transfer funds to and from your Mansfield Bank account to your accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Doc View: View Images of documents associated with the deposits and withdrawals you made with a Teller.
  • Digital and Bill Pay Chat Support: A new way to communicate when you have questions or need assistance!

Q. I haven't connected yet to the new Digital Banking.  What do I do?

A. Digital Banking is accessed one of two ways, and you are welcome to use one or both.

  • Login from the top of our website homepage, Enter your existing USERNAME and the TEMPORARY PASSWORD that was emailed to you on March 29. 
  • Login from the new Mansfield Bank Mobile Banking app on your cell phone or tablet.  Delete the existing app, then search "Mansfield Bank" at your app store and download it. Enter your existing USERNAME and the TEMPORARY PASSWORD that was emailed to you on March 29. 

Trouble remembering your USERNAME or finding your NEW TEMPORARY PASSWORD?  Please call, 508-851-3600.

Q. Will my Alerts still work? What about eStatements and Bill Pay?

A. No, Alerts did not carry over. You can re-create them in the new Digital Banking.  eStatements will continue to be available, but you must first accept the new Terms & Conditions to use the service, found under the Documents tab.  Past eStatements will be made available by June, 2019. Bill Pay is now located under Move Money. It has your previous information, meaning both your payment schedules and payees carried over.

Q. I use Quicken or QuickBooks. How do I ensure continuity with that software?

Whether you use Windows or a Mac operating system, instructions on how to modify your Quicken or QuickBooks or Mint settings have been prepared for you

Quicken + QuickBooks Guides

Q. Did my account numbers change?

A. Deposit account numbers remained the same. 

Loan account numbers changed. A letter was mailed to each loan customer to provide the new loan number. If you have questions regarding loan number changes, please call 508-851-3600 and ask for Loan Servicing.

As the loan numbers will change, you will need to update the Loan Number on any automated payments you may have set up for your loan. Automatic transfers you currently have in place from your Mansfield Bank Savings or Checking account will continue as usual.

Q. How about the number for Lost/Stolen Cards?

A. Yes, that has changed. Instead of calling the number you may see on your card at present, call 508-851-3600 from now on.  If you call during normal business hours, we will assist you with blocking the existing card and ordering a new one. If you call when the Bank is closed, there will be an option from the menu to connect you to an after-hours, lost or stolen card reporting line. 

Q. Will I still have access to ATMs on the SUM© program after the change?

A. Yes, in addition to the Mansfield Bank ATMs, access to any ATM within the SUM© Network will continue without a Surcharge continues (other bank fees may apply). Mansfield Bank has changed one network provider. In addition to the NYCE network, the PULSE Network has replaced ACCEL for all Mansfield Bank ATMs and ATM/Debit Cards.

Q. Has Telephone Banking changed?

A. Yes, the new number is 855-757-8311.  For security reasons, you will need to establish a new PIN to use the new Telephone Banking system. The new Telephone Banking system is based on you (the customer) versus an individual account. Therefore, all accounts for which you have an ownership relation are available in the new system.

Q. What about my deposit statement?

A. It will look slightly different. You may receive two statements in April. The first may be a paper statement and will include all transactions from your last statement cycle through April 4 and the second will include all transactions beginning on April 5. 

Q. Can I continue to use my current checks and deposit tickets?

A. With this new platform, we will no longer require a deposit ticket. A new “virtual” deposit ticket will be created if you do not present us with one.

If you are a Digital Banking customer, images of all documents associated with Teller transactions conducted at a branch will now be available for viewing within transaction history the following day.



You' ve signed into the new Digital Banking, but still need help. Check here!

Q. Where do I pay my bills?

A. Under the Move Money tab on the left. If you’re using our new app, hit the Menu button first. All your payees and payment schedules have been brought over from the old system.

Q. How do I edit my payees?

A. Under the Move Money tab, click on your payee and then the pencil icon to edit the information in that box.

Q. I think I need more help with Bill Pay, what can I do?

A. Under the Move Money tab, there’s a button for Live Bill Pay Chat, which will connect you to a representative who can help any time!

Q. How do I make transfers from one of my accounts to another?

A. Under the Move Money tab on the left.

Q. I used to have eStatements on the old system, but I got a paper statement this month. Why?

A. All customers received a one-time paper statement. To be enrolled in eStatements again, visit the Documents tab in your Digital Banking and accept the new Terms and Conditions.

Q. How do I see my account history?

A. Click (or tap) on the account and the history will display. You will notice a slight change in the posting of activity. For example, Direct Deposits are listing as 'pending' until the end of the day. However, these funds are reflected in the Available Balance listed under the corresponding account number. 

Q. How do I see my old eStatements?

A. All previous eStatements will be available in the Documents tab by June of this year.

Q. My computer always asks me a security question when I sign in, even though I’ve checked off “remember me” in the past. Why?

A. Your browser must have cookies enabled in order to remember this. Need help with that? Check here.

Q. Can I change my username or password?

A. Click Manage Profile on the upper left corner, then go into Security. You can change your username, password, or security questions here. Note: your password will still need to be 8 characters long with an uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character.

Q. Can I rename my accounts?

A. Click Manage Profile in the upper left corner, then go into Preferences. You can rename or reorder the way your accounts display within your Digital Banking.

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