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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the Bank upgrading its system?

A. Mansfield Bank places a heavy focus on high-quality technology and is upgrading to a more integrated banking solution that aligns with our customers’ changing needs. The upgrade will include an enhanced user experience across all channels, and enable more personalized customer banking in the future!

Q. When will the system upgrade take place?

A. The system upgrade will take place beginning Thursday, April 4 and will be completed by Monday, April 8. All Branch Offices will be open regular hours during this upgrade.

Q. Will customer service be available during the upgrade if I have questions?

A. The Bank will be open regular hours and customer service is available at each location. There will be expanded hours via telephone, 508-851-3600, to assist with inquiries you may have during this transition. Beginning on Friday, April 5 and extending through Saturday April 13, the expanded telephone hours are as follows:

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Q. Will Online and Mobile Banking change?

A. Yes, however there will be service interruptions, read below.  When you access the new platform on or after Monday, April 8, you will enjoy an improved Digital Banking experience. There will be new features, increased integration and a single, unified look and feel for both Online and Mobile Banking (together, what we call our 'Digital Banking' applications). 

  • Personal Online and Mobile Banking will be inquiry-only beginning Thursday, April 4 at 2pm.
  • Business Online and Mobile Banking will be unavailable from 2pm on Thursday, April 4 until Monday, April 8.
  • No updates will occur until the new Digital Banking applications are available on Monday April 8.

On Monday April 8, you can login to the new Digital Banking applications with your existing USER ID and a temporary password. Information regarding the temporary password and the steps for the login will be sent to Online Banking customers via email as the upgrade approaches. Be on the lookout for this important communication containing detailed login instructions.

If you have saved the Mansfield Bank Login URL as a favorite link, this will no longer work on Monday, April 8. After you complete your initial login to the new Digital Banking site, you can then save that URL to your favorites. As always, access to Digital Banking is available from our website home page and through the Mansfield Bank mobile application (App).

If you do not remember your current USER ID, please contact us at 508-851-3600. We will be happy to provide it to you now in preparation for accessing the new Digital Banking site.  Additionally, please make sure your current contact information is up to date, including your email address and cell phone number.

A new Mobile Banking App will be available for download at the App Store and Google Play on Monday, April 8.  Search for the app by our name, Mansfield Bank. You will need to remove your existing application and download the new one to use Mobile Banking.

You will continue to receive your e-Statements after the upgrade.  Look for a prompt to accept the new Terms & Conditions to use this service.

For your records, it is recommended that you download or print copies of your recent electronic statement and transaction history, including bill payment history prior to Thursday, April 4. 

Q. How will my Bill Payments be affected?

A. The Bill Payment feature within the current Online Banking system will be unavailable starting Friday, March 29.

  • Service will resume on Monday, April 8 on the new Digital Banking applications.
  • The new system will have your existing information, meaning both your payment schedules and payees will carry over.
  • However, anything due on April 5 and later will not begin processing/paying until April 8, therefore anything scheduled between April 5 and April 12 could potentially be processed later than expected. If you want bills normally scheduled between April 5 and April 8 to be paid sooner, you must change the payment date to be before April 5.
  • e-bills will be cancelled for payment dates after April 4, 2019 and a cancellation notice will be sent to the Billers notifying them to switch to Paper Statements. On the new system, you can re-establish these e-bills.
  • You will have access to six months of Bill Pay history when the new system goes live.
  • Within the new Digital Banking applications, you will access Bill Pay under the Move Money section of the main page.

Q. Will my account numbers change?

A. Deposit account numbers will remain the same. 

Loan account numbers will change. A letter will be mailed to each loan customer to provide the new loan number. If you have questions regarding loan number changes, please call 508-851-3600 and ask for Loan Servicing.

Note: As the loan numbers will change, you will need to update the Loan Number on automated payments you may have set up for your loan.

Q. Will my ATM/Debit Card still work?

A. Yes, you will continue to use your current ATM/Debit Card. However, you will have limited access between April 4 and April 8 as noted below:

  • Balance inquiries using ATM/DEBIT CARDS will not be available April 4 through April 8, though purchases and withdrawals will not be impacted.
  • ATMs at Mansfield Bank locations will be unavailable for use on Thursday, April 4 while new software is installed. We anticipate our ATM terminals to be available for use by April 6.
  • CardValet™ will no longer be available for Mansfield Bank Debit Cards. Within Digital Banking, you will have the option to manage your Mansfield Bank Debit Card.
  • To report a lost or stolen card, please call us at 508-851-3600 during regular business hours and one of our Customer Service Representatives will assist with blocking your existing card and ordering a new one for you. If you call when the Bank is not open, you will have an option from the menu to report a lost or stolen card. This option will direct you to an after-hours, lost or stolen card reporting line. 

Q. Will I still have access to ATMs on the SUM© program after the change?

A. Yes, in addition to the Mansfield Bank ATMs, you can access any ATM within the SUM© Network without a Surcharge (other bank fees may apply).

Mansfield Bank has changed one network provider. In addition to the NYCE network, the PULSE Network has replaced ACCEL for all Mansfield Bank ATMs and ATM/Debit Cards.

Q. Will there be changes to Telephone Banking?

A. Yes, the new number to call beginning Monday, April 8 will be 855-757-8311.  For security reasons, you will need to establish a new PIN to use the new Telephone Banking system.

Prior to then, access to Telephone Banking will be unavailable beginning on Thursday, April 4 through Sunday, April 7. 

The new Telephone Banking system is based on you (the customer) versus an individual account. Therefore, all accounts for which you have an ownership relation are available in the new system.

While Telephone Banking is unavailable, feel free to call our main number, 508-851-3600, for information regarding your account.  As noted above, our Customer Service team will be available for extended telephone hours, April 5 through April 13.

Q. Will there be changes to my deposit statement?

A. Your statement will look slightly different. All Checking and Savings accounts will receive a special statement created on April 4. You may receive two statements in April. The first will include all transactions from your last statement cycle through April 4 and the second will include all transactions beginning on April 5.

Q. Can I continue to use my current checks and deposit tickets?

A. If you have a checking account, you will continue to use your checks as you do today.

The Bank will be implementing a new Teller Capture platform on Friday, April 5. With this new platform, we will no longer require a deposit ticket. A new “virtual” deposit ticket will be created if you do not present us with one.

If you are a Digital Banking customer, images of all documents associated with Teller transactions conducted at a branch will now be available for viewing within transaction history the following day.



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