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Introducing SPIN

An amazingly useful tool inside Mansfield Bank Digital Banking!


What can SPIN do for me?

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What Can Spin Do

How does SPIN work?

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Spin Class


Q. What is SPIN?

SPIN is a Person-to-Person payment tool inside Mansfield Bank Digital Banking.  It's a free and easy way to instantly send money to just about anyone.

  • Free means Mansfield Bank charges you nothing to get or use SPIN.  Message and data fees may apply from your phone carrier.   
  • Instantly means that once you press 'submit,' your Payee has the ability to claim the money in a matter of minutes, unless you cancel the transaction before they accept it.  The speed of SPIN transfers is faster than many other person-to-person (P2P) payment services!
  • Just about anyone means you can send money from your personal Mansfield Bank checking account to a checking account that is tied to another person's VISA or MasterCard Debit Card, regardless of whether or not they bank with Mansfield Bank. 
  • Easy means it only takes a minute. Let's say you want to send $50 to your sister. You don't have to ask who she banks with, or ever exchange financial account information with her. Just know either her mobile phone number or email address, set her up as a Payee, and send the money.  She receives a link, then accepts the money by entering her Debit Card number and expiration date.   

Q. How do I get SPIN?

  • If you do not have a Mansfield Bank checking account, open one at any of our convenient locations.  We'll get you enrolled in Digital Banking while you're here, and even help you 'take SPIN for a spin' if you'd like to see it in action!
  • If you do have a checking account with us, but do not have Digital Banking, navigate to our homepage and select Enroll Now. Or, with your mobile phone or tablet, download the Mansfield Bank app from the App Store (for iPhones) or from Google Play (for Androids). Whether you use Mansfield Bank Digital Banking from your computer, smart phone, tablet or from all three, it is the same convenient interface.   

Q. How do I use SPIN?

The "SPIN class" video above is a very informative walk-through, please view it.

  • Select "Move Money" on the menu inside Digital Banking.
  • Select "New Transaction."
  • Choose a recipient (a.k.a. Payee) or select "Person To Person" to set one up.

(SPIN is our nickname for the product, you won't actually see the word SPIN inside Digital Banking).

  • Enter the amount you want to send, and the notification method.
  • Confirm details on the "Review This Transfer" screen, then "Submit."

Q. How are SPIN payments received?

Once you have submitted payment, Mansfield Bank instantly sends a secure link to your Payee, either an email message or text message, depending on which method you chose. Your Payee can instantly click that link, then enter his/her debit card number and expiration date. At that point, the money is out of your account, and in the account of your Payee. If your Payee does not click that link within 3 days, it will expire.  

Q. Is SPIN secure?

Yes, it's just as safe as using Bill Pay. 

A successful SPIN transfer happens when all of the following have been done correctly.


  • You send money from a Mansfield Bank checking account, not a savings account.
  • You personally send money to a person, not to a business or entity.
  • The amount you send is covered by your available balance. 
  • You correctly enter your Payee's mobile phone number or email address. 
  • Your Payee, when accepting the money, correctly enters his/her Card information. It is a personal card, which has not expired, and it is either a VISA or MasterCard Debit Card. It is not an ATM-only card or a Credit Card. 
  • Your Payee accepts the money within three days. The invitation to accept money from you expires after that.

Q. I'm having trouble, how do I get help?

The checklist above may help.  If you still need to contact us, you are welcome to...

  • Call our main line, 508-851-3600, during branch hours and ask for Customer Service. If you hear an automated voice message, press 2.
  • Fill out and submit the form on our Contact Us page. 
  • Email, and a Customer Service specialist will get back to you as soon as they are able. Note: DO NOT send information through e-mail such as account numbers, social security numbers, or passwords.

Q. My Payee says he/she never received the invitation link. What do I do?

Contact us with the details, and we can clearly explain your next steps.  



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