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There are many options when you have some money to put aside. The stock market can be a good option, but not if you don’t want to risk losing value. CDs and IRAs are good options, but not if you prefer having easy access to your funds. Savings accounts are a solid choice, but the average "national rate," which the FDIC tracks, is well under half of one percent.   

We're pleased to announce that Mansfield Bank's GROW YOUR SAVINGS account offers a return that is substantially higher than the national average savings rate, as the table shows. Combine that with the easy access this account provides to your money, and you can feel very good about what this new account does for you.

So plant your money and watch what grows. Maybe your next car. Or a down payment on a home!

Feel Good about what it does for Our Communities

It truly makes a difference where you deposit money, as this thirty second video explains. Your deposits allow Mansfield Bank to do more for charities and non-profit organizations, for families and for small businesses!

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